S T A G E  -  U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N


One of most expensive properties in the area, the client required considerably more space for his family along with a property refurbishment to improve the existing living areas with respect to flow and function. This involved a large rear extension to create 75sqm open plan family room with large doors opening onto the garden to enjoy with friends and family. A playroom was created at the center of the house.

Main design features,

•Vaulted ceiling- A calculated risk and decision was taken during construction stage. Changing roof pitches helped give character to these key spaces, allowing additional height over lounge/dining and more private space while cooking. The skylights above the structure bring natural light into the center of the house. Revised roof was later approved  by council in retrospective planning.

•Glazing- A large roof light that continues from flat roof to wall brings daylight into the kitchen and improves connections linking the kitchen with the rear garden.

•Utility room- A separate mini kitchen in combination with utility room was created for Asian cooking. It was hidden with separate connectivity from side alley way. The proposal and zoning was thoughtfully designed to minimize any structural  work that will increase the budget.