S T A G E  -  U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N


The existing house was built on a sloping site with a level difference of 1m from front to back. Careful exploration of the planning guidance, the nature of the inclined site and discussion with the local planning authority enabled to propose a modern new build 5 bedroom detached house . 


Main design features,


•Full height  thin structural glazing- Modern glazing and thin vertical sightlines offered uninterrupted views of the garden making the  surroundings become part of the décor.

•Sunken living space- The design responded to the inclined site to allow and enjoy two level space with large full height sliding doors. Sunken informal living benefitted from additional height making it open, intimate and inviting while  balancing the coziness of the kitchen/dining beautifully. 

•Triple height entrance lobby- The play of volume of space was critical in designing the house creating elements of surprise and a stimulating experience. For example; Entering to a triple height lobby from main door to  tunnel effect kitchen / dining to sunken informal living and thus creating two level exit to the garden.

•Double height Master bedroom- Rear first floor introduced a vaulted ceiling Master Bedroom giving a grandiosity and distinctiveness  required for a property of this size. Large rear glazing help to accentuate the height of the space whilst also bringing in more light.